CTRS, Cell Therapies Research & Services is a French pharmaceutical company with a strong international dimension. The company’s head office is located in Boulogne-Billancourt, in the western suburbs of Paris (France).

« Our approach is guided by patients "medical needs" »

The company is particularly involved in the field of rare diseases and ultra-rare diseases.

Guided by science and research, our ambition is to change academic research program into accessible therapies to patients. In this purpose, CTRS has always worked together with public bodies. In more than 15 years, our numerous partnerships have made it possible to offer patients the most appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for their needs. Because we all have the same ambition to progress in the field of health, we are convinced that it is by pooling our skills that we will be able to develop new therapeutic solutions for patients.

Establishment of Laboratoires CTRS
Partnership with AP-HP for the development of cholic acid (Orphacol®)
CTRS selected by AP-HP for the commercialisation of dexamethasone (Neofordex®)
European market autorization for Orphacol®
Galien and Prescrire’s Gold Pill Awards for Orphacol ®
Firm honored with Prescrire’s information award
European marketing authorization for Neofordex®
International Galien Award for Orphacol®
Partnership with AP-HP for the development of CTRS-CC2
Marketing authorization for Dexliq® in 12 countries
Partnership with Inserm and Institut Imagine for the development of CTRS-CC1
Collaboration with Neomedlight for commercialisation of CareMin 650™ in France
Backed by Mérieux Equity Partners
Growth champion 2020 from Les Echos (leading French business newspaper)
Growth champion 2021 from Les Echos (leading French business newspaper)


Bring innovative, effective and safe treatments to rare or ultra-rare diseases patients where unmet need is high.


March 2019


  • Find solutions that will give patients access to treatment
  • Seamless teamwork to serve health professionals, our partners and especially patients
  • Be responsive and flexible
  • Provide responsible medical information